The Wimbledon Society Newsletter appears quarterly in March, June, September and December. It underwent a redesign in June 2015 and encourages contributions from all members, whatever aspects of  the Society‘s activities especially interest them.

The prime aim of the Newsletter is to cover every area of the Society‘s work  at some point during the year, including planning, local history, the Museum, published books and promotional leaflets, Wimbledon‘s natural history, local tours and excursions further afield, lectures, films, involvement in the annual Wimbledon Bookfest, and the Society‘s use of other communications media such as Facebook and local press. Above all else, the Newsletter aims to keep members informed and aware of how the Wimbledon Society serves the community as a whole.

All editions include the Chairman‘s Report, the Planning Committee pages, and the Local History Group.  The Planning Committee reports on many issues that concern local residents, keen to protect Wimbledon‘s existing character and amenities. The Local History Group records topics that have arisen during its monthly meetings (first Friday of the month) and its Chairman regularly provides additional features. During the year too there are contributions from the Museum on its work, acquisitions, exhibitions in the Norman Plastow Gallery or new publications such as Wimbledon Now & Then and republished editions of Richard Milward‘s books.

The Newsletter is produced by a new editorial team. The editor, John Stern, moved to Wimbledon recently and has been a journalist and editor for more than 20 years. And the Newsletter is designed by Nigel Davies, a Raynes Park resident for 22 years, and former colleague of John‘s at The Cricketer magazine where Nigel was art director.

If you have a contribution you would like to offer for potential publication, please contact John Stern,, 07768  891416.