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Founded in 1903, The Wimbledon Society is committed to protecting all those local amenities which contribute to our quality of life.

Community facilities and the built environment of open spaces, parks and buildings form a fundamental part of our lives. The Society has played a key role in the enhancement and protection of these vital facilities since its inception.

Civic Societies provide an army of volunteers from their ranks of members, who bring time, skills and commitment in seeking the preservation of the best of our heritage for now and for the future. Societies such as ours form a truly independent body of opinion acting entirely for the community benefit and, importantly for today, are free of political or commercial influence.

This homepage links to other main pages. We hope our site will provide you with all the information you may seek about Wimbledon and the Society. Most of all, we hope that, if you feel about our Town as we do, you will join the Society and help us to continue to provide a strong and effective voice in the community.

On 9 October 2015, the Society became a company limited by guarantee. The key documents on the right show the Constitition for the unincorporated body, as well as the Articles for the new limited company.

The Wimbledon Society is a Registered Charity, no 1164261.

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Vision 2040

Wimbledon Town Centre is at the very heart of the Society's area of benefit. Its condition and its future have long been a source of concern to our members, and we have been pressing Merton Council for many years to devise a plan to improve the area.

The Council has now produced a very detailed draft "Masterplan". Much work has gone into its preparation and we commend the Council and its officers on this achievement, and also on its willingness to consult with the Society and the town's many stakeholders. The Society has studied the draft  "Masterplan" with great care, and has produced a detailed response - both in terms of a letter commenting on the draft and our own Vision 2040. 

These set out the Society's preferred approach to a number of key issues, with the hope that the Council will incorporate some or all of these ideas into its final masterplan to be submitted to the Council's Cabinet for approval. We regard our ideas and suggestions to be constructive and achievable, and hope that these will be seen by the Council in the context of our shared desire to make Wimbledon Town Centre a vibrant and attractive locality.

The Society's Vision 2040 is available for purchase at the Museum of Wimbledon and online from the Museum bookshop.

The Council's Masterplan draft can be seen here.

Links to our response documents are shown below.

Merton Council Transport Plan

The Council has published a Transport Plan for public consultation. This is a major plan, setting priorities for transport, actions to improve walking, cycling and public transport infrastructure, improving how vehicles use our streets and reducing the impact on our air, health.

The Society's Planning and Environment Committee has carried out a careful analysis of the Plan. Our letter to the Council with our comments can be seen here.

The Council's Transport Plan can be seen on the link below.

Heathrow Airport consultation

Heathrow Airport has carried out a public consultation on proposals to change flight patterns that could have a major impact on Wimbledon. The proposals can be seen on Heathrow's website. The Society studied the proposals carefully, and submitted a detailed response.This can be seen here.

New Local Plan

The London Borough of Merton is preparing a new local plan. This Plan will contain the policies that control development within the Borough, including Wimbledon – our area of interest. The policies are essential to our ability ensure that Wimbledon remains a great place to live, work and take leisure as they are the guide development in the Borough and contain the ‘rules’ against which planning applications are judged. The plan also contains details of sites for potential redevelopment.

A draft of the plan was issued for the second stage of consultation in early November 2018. The Society appreciates the opportunity this consultation provides and has responded with suggestions to improve the proposed plan.

The latest draft of the Plan is to be found here (https://www.merton.gov.uk/planning-and-buildings/planning/local-plan/newlocalplan)

The Society’s response can be seen below.

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