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Richard Milward History Challenge 2016.

The Wimbledon Society will award the Richard Milward Local History Prize in November 2016. The prize commemorates the work of Wimbledon’s notable historian Richard Milward (1924-2006) and the event will form part of the centenary celebrations for The Museum of Wimbledon.  Once again the challenge is on to find new historians.

The Society was encouraged by the interest in the first competition held in 2014 won by Kirk Bannister and Glenys Taylor.  Many fascinating new facts were brought to light by our essayists, even those did not make the final cut.  We hope that their participation will embolden others with an interest in the past to uncover and research new topics or bring new insights to familiar subjects.  Should demand arise a Workshop will be held in Spring 2016.

More information on the essays and prize-winners can be seen on the homepage, together with Terms and Conditions, and an Entry Form.